A propos de Vienne, dans la presse internationale…

«A reflection of the unmanageable cultural identity that will come to epitomize Europe of the future.

Vienna” is an unusual account of Europe's dangerous politics and painful memory. Albert, once an ordinary man discovers the shocking history of his Jewish identity, which destroys his entire life. Elegant and powerful, Georgieff tells a story about other people's stories by combining the best of realism with profound empathy. It is a tragedie humaine achieved in the techniques of modern fiction, and it marks the arrival of a new literary voice comparable only to Bernhard Schlink and Angelica Schrobsdorff.”

Dr. Milena Borden, academic, London
Mr. Georgieff's book is this extremely rare combination of a great story, combined with first-hand knowledge of the book's subject. Mr. Georgieff not only develops this haunting and strangely plausible tale, but also makes a great use of his background as a reporter of international caliber. Dr. Mengele, Auschwitz, Haider's Austria, and even today's Bulgaria merge into this well-written and fascinating book.”

Dr. Baruch Hazan, Vienna, Austria
I envy those who are yet to read "Vienna," because it is a shockingly different book from anything we've seen so far.”
Kapitel, Bulgarian weekly for culture
I cannot say what made a stronger impression on me: the ease, with which the story is told, or the style and language.”

Elzbieta Solak, Translator, Krakow, Poland
"Vienna" is the book I was unable to put down before finishing it. It is a story that entails psychological drama and political thriller told through the eyes of an international journalist. But, first and foremost, it is a story of love and betrayal; of morality. “

Svetoslav Doychinov, film producer, Paris, France



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